Mali, Kemit, South Africa, Tanzania, Belize,Ghana, Cuba, Brazil, and more to go.  To get on board become a Sehah Supporter.

Sehah youth and Fitness Center believes in experiencing living culture and examining Afrikan History, therefore each  year a group travels to Afrika and other Black worlds for an Eye Witness Report

International Travel Program

Knowledge of the world and other cultures are important in our development and growth.  For the most part many of us and our youth in particular get their world knowledge from books and word of mouth. Sehah believes that first hand eye witness knowledge along with book knowledge is superior and aids in the restructuring of our youth in a more positive fashion.   And of course many adults can benefit from deeper exposure of worldly experiences also.  Therefore Sehah has an International travel component which makes international trips every year, primary to various countries in Afrika. Trips to South America and the Caribbean’s have also been made.  These trips are not commercially advertised, but are marketed by word of mouth.  The youth are subsidized by fund raisers.  Adults assisting and participating in the trips pay their own way… If anyone wants to assist or travel with us they should at least peripheral members of Sehah Youth and Fitness Center.    If you are interested in assisting or participating, contact us, preferably in person at our center.

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