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A good education must teach from a cultural perspective.  Who are we, why are we here, and what is it each one of us must do to further the existence of the group.

Sehah Youth And Fitness Center has a home school assistance program that is designed to help parents teach their children from an Afrikan Centered baseline.

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Education is a very important of our individual and collective development. we encourage our youth to attend school and learn all they can for the sake of themselves, their family and community. What must be clear is this education must benefit self and kind first, not major corporations. An example of the education being for others is, a person getting a degree in chemical engineering and then working to produce chemicals that destroy more than they preserve. Therefore, we strive to give our children an Afrikan Centered Educational base. So it will be clear to them what they must do with the education they obtain. In this spirit Sehah has a home school assistance program.

Home school Assistance

More and more parents are becoming disillusion with the public school system because for whatever reason, clear messages are not being sent to our youth as to who they are and what they must be doing. As a result there has been a rise in home school programs. Unfortunately many are starting and then fade away because parents are not able to work full time jobs and teach their children. They necessarily need help. Sehah Home school program provides an opportunity for parents to continue working and still have their children home schooled.

You can enter any college or trade school with a GED. don’t let anyone fool you.

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